Unity export to Xcode 7.3

Strange problems with Unity after you export the Xcode 7.3

This is the settings before exporting

1:Scripting Backend : IL2CPP;
2:Behavior in Background : Suspend;
3:Architecture : Universal;
4:Strip Engine Code* : NO;

This is when exported as Xcode errors
NORETURN static void il2cpp_codegen_raise_exception (Il2CppCodeGenException ex)
il2cpp::vm::Exception::Raise ((Il2CppException
#if __has_builtin(__builtin_unreachable)

why can’t send pictures!!

It has helped me.

In xcode:

  1. Remove ‘NORETURN’ (file ‘il2cpp-codegen.h’)
  2. Clean build
  3. Build it

Like a hack:)

XCode7.3, Unity5.2.2