I need to put a technology demo together for a single player game where the protagonist is quested to solve missions.

The game needs to be able to:

  1. Login/register using the player’s Facebook credentials
  2. Save game state to a centralized MySql database
  3. Have the ability to dynamically add new missions as I create them

Saving game state during game play will probably be accomplished by making WebService calls using C#/.net mono?

Does anyone have any solutions to item 1, connecting through Facebook? I believe that once my application is a Facebook registered application, then I should be able to pass along basic contact information to Unity to register the player or continue the game?

For item 3, I am plaining on having each mission to be a different scene. I should be able to add scenes dynamically and they should be available the next time the player starts the game?

I realize this is a huge research question I asked, but any information would be greatly appreciated.


Thats a great question and I am too seeking those answer. I hope me commenting will encourage those that know hows are willing to share.