Unity Facebook SDK: Fb.Login no Callback after Login


maybe a Question for the FB SDK users. I’m using this code snipet:

 void AuthCallback(FBResult result) {
        		if(FB.IsLoggedIn) {
        		} else {
        			Debug.Log("User cancelled login");
        	public void LoginToFB()
        		FB.Login("", AuthCallback);

On iOS the AuthCallback is called as expected, in Unity however nothing happens. When i hit the Login Button a second time it errors with “User already logged in”. So the login process happens but the callback not.

Any thoughts?

Using the FB SDK from within the Unity Editor is not working by design. You have to export to a target (in my case, iOS Simulator or Device) in order to test!

interestingly this works for me in the editor but DOES NOT WORK on an Android!

If the user clicks the little “X” to dismiss the FB panel, the callback is not called.

Again, it works fine on the editor strangely enough

Not cool !