Unity Facebook SDK publish_actions

Hey guys,

So we were well aware that Facebook recently changed a lot of things including “publish_actions” being deprecated.

Is there a new way to upload a screenshot/video to a player’s timeline? They advised developers to use their new Sharing products instead. But it doesn’t seem to support Unity yet (only iOS and Android natives). I downloaded the latest version of their plugin (7.13) but I can’t seem to find any alternatives.

Any insights? Aside from manually hosting these content to your own server.

Thank you in advance.

I found this free asset on the asset store. Cross Platform Native Plugins - Lite Version | Integration | Unity Asset Store

It lets you use the native sharing capability on iPhone or Android. You can share to most of the apps that are installed. If the user has downloaded the native Facebook app, Twitter app, or other social media, it will let you share to those too.
Hope this helps :slight_smile: