Unity Facial Recognition with Identification

I’m trying to develop a program in Unity for Web player or Android that will take a webcam video I am streaming onto a plane in Unity and the webcam will recognize a person’s face when entering the camera view. Now, from googling, I found a lot of facial tracking in order to create a type of head tracking but that’s not what I want; my goal is that when the face is registered on the camera, if the person’s name is known, a text box would appear on the screen with the person’s name and maybe some other info.

I figure OpenCV would be something useful, but could someone point me to an OpenCV Unity plugin if possible? But more importantly, does anyone know how to do this facial recognition and identification within Unity with or without OpenCV?


I am looking for this too

If lazy to wrap OpenCV for Unity, I recommend to go for OpenCVForUnity. They have a trained landmarks detector available for use suitable for mobile.