Unity Failed to recompile android resource files

Hi, I am trying to build an android game in Unity but every time I try i get this error message CommandInvokationFailure: Failed to recompile android resource files.C:/Progra - Pastebin.com

I am using version 1.8 of the JDK and I have the SDK for 23 and 25.

This may help but this project has been sitting around for a while and the last time I built it (probably like 4 or so months ago) it worked perfectly and I ran it in bluestacks too!

One of the plugins you’re using (prestonkohlhaas.colorline.final) uses a reserved word (‘final’) which i believe causes some tools to fail.

If this library is something you created, try changing its Java package name to something else (that does not include the ‘final’ keyword)