Unity firewall settings

What firewall settings / user agent strings need to be enabled to use Unity #D through our corporte firewall? In particular to download assets / packages from the asset store?

This is an extremely low priority for Unity. I have been asking for help with this for several months. I added this as an issue and used all 10 of my “votes” to try to get some attention. Somehow I can no longer find my issue and my 10 votes have been returned. The workaround for Unity 4.6 was running from a BAT file with proxy and password info inside it, but this hasn’t worked for me on any of the newer versions. My experience leads me to the answer “you can’t.”

@CarlB Hi there, I have been doing some development with Unity for around 8 Years now.

I have seen your posts quite a few times with the same issue.

Are you still having issues with this? If so, maybe have a look here: https://support.unity3d.com/hc/en-us/articles/206275643-Using-Unity-behind-a-proxy

Let me know if this helps?