Unity fit for sandbox MMO?

I am a 3D content developer, with 7 years experience in the industry. While most of my work has been for government & university, I have always had an interest in virtual world development.

I am aware most of the capabilities of this engine are dependent on the skill of coder and team. I however was hoping I could ask those with experience here if unity is a viable engine for a sandbox style mmo?

This is some of the primary hopes I have for the engines function capacity.


  • Bounty System - Place a price on your enemies head, other players collect a reward for defeating a target player.
  • Customizable Character Creation - Something similiar to oblivion, entropia - I believe players need to feel unique not see 12 carbon copies of themselves as soon as they login.
  • Ability to give area/region item point restrictions for player placement of structures, or rezzable items.
  • Localized Player Economy - Non globalized trade, will encourage travel, trade routes and community building.
  • Localized Unique resource, mob spawns - Non global minerals, will give each region its own precious resources.
  • Evolving Humanoid Mob - Monster AI will allow for looting of dead human players, will then equip and use found equipment in battle.
  • Dye/Colouring System - Colour your armour, clothes, items and just about anything for any purpose or reason.
  • Non class based skill system - Skill without confinement, limitation or restrictions.
  • Divided free roam PVE/PVP environment - Venture out into the danger of player vs. player or enjoy the safety of a pure man vs. environment adventure.
  • Customizable GUI - place huds where they feel natural.

I thank you in advance for any helpful information.



None of those things are really engine features, and very few are tech related in general. You're obviously not going to have an out of the box solution of those things and are going to have to write systems for them. You could do them with Unity.

Honestly if you're asking those kinds of questions you'd be better off looking at the (more expensive) MMO-specific engines out there. A simple google search led to this list: http://www.devmaster.net/wiki/MMORPG_Creation_Packages