Unity for Android Eclipse export

I need to export my game in Eclipse IDE to build an Android version that uses some external libraries.

When I export from Unity I set “Create Eclipse project layout” to true but I can’t avoid that the Android project from being overwritten! I made same changes in the AndroidManifest.xml and everytime that I export the new version I lose everything.

Is there some options, like that for iOS version, that appends only updates to the created project?


You are correct; each time that you “Export” using the “Create Eclipse project layout” option in the Build Settings window, your previous Eclipse project will be overwritten by the new project. However, you can write your own AndroidManifest.xml file, which, upon building your Android project, will be merged with the Unity generated AndroidManifest.xml file. All you need to do is place your custom AndroidManifext.xml file in /Assets/Plugins/Android directory.

Lately, I’ve been creating a new Eclipse project in Unity, and running my game from Eclipse. Then whenever I make changes to my AndroidManifest.xml file in my Eclipse project, I make sure that I copy those changes back the AndroidManifest.xml in Assets/Plugins/Android before creating a new Eclipse project in Unity again.