Unity for Linux

It would be great if Unity will support Linux.

@dissidently Ever actually used Linux? Not noticed that all 'nixes are very much alike? Not used OSX and seen the similarity there either? Oh dear. Why don’t you point your copy of IE6 at a linux distro and see what your pc can really do. If my clients (who mainly work in catering, one of whom is 70 and has never used a computer before) can use it with minimal or no training then I’m sure you can too. It has this new invention called a GUI now. You know, when you turn on Windows and (after waiting for several minutes) you see the pointer and those funny pictures that you click on to make it work. It does that. Foil hats not required. ,@dissidently Have you ever actually used Linux? Judging by your comments obviously not. Mac OSX is 'nix, and Debian ain’t much different. Point your copy of IE6 at a Linux distro and give it a go. If one of my clients (who is 70 years old) can use it with Gnome then I’m sure even you can. Foil hats not required.

Unity 4.0 will ship with a preview of a Linux Export feature that will allow you to publish content for 32-bit and 64-bit desktop systems. Please see Unity Pro

YES. Then Linux would be mildly useful. Despite rumors to the contrary, windows is also open source/shareware. Without the limitations of only being accessible to those wearing hats made of aluminum foil. Point your patched, protected and isolated firefox through the great firewall that is your Mother's basement towards your favorite search engine (want irony, use Bing) "windows xp sp3 torrent" should get you going in the right direction.

Conversion is a slow process. However, like a vegetarian accidentally discovering the positive energy of vitamin B in Pork, you'll find it hard to go back once the feeling of "doing something" has replaced the meaningless nature of "being something".