Unity force stop build to Android


A few minutes ago I tried building my project to my physical Android device, in the build menu I selected all checkboxes except ‘Google Play Services’ (if I recall it correctly). When I started the build I soon discovered the build process is damn slow. Since there’s no way to cancel the build process I tried to force terminate Unity.exe but as soon as I restarted Unity it also started compiling again, it in my process explorer I saw PVRTexTool.exe coming right back up.

Is there any way to completely terminate Unity and load my Unity project without having to build?

Thanks in advance!

If you switched platform (for example Standalone to Android) or texture compression, you would need to wait for the asset reimport to complete (this will not happen every time you build a project).

Solution for a team is http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/CacheServer.html

PVRTexTool is a bit slow when compressing with best quality. The solution for this issue is about to be released.

Nope, there isn’t. It bummed me out too.