Unity Free and Mobile Platforms


I have been reading through the license comparisons and I just wanted to make sure I have understood correctly before making any further decisions.

On this page: Powerful 2D, 3D, VR, and AR software for cross-platform development of games and mobile apps. if you click on the various mobile platforms there are two versions being compared, for example “Android” and “Android Pro”.

Am I correct in assuming that the “Android” license is a free license that can be used with Unity Free and that the “Android Pro” license is the one that you must buy alongside Unity Pro from the store at https://store.unity3d.com/ ?

I apologise if I’m missing something obvious, but due to there being quite a sum of money involved in purchasing both Unity Pro and the licenses for the different platforms I want to make sure I have understood properly.


Yes, you are right.

UnityPro + iOSPro + AndroidPro wouild be 4500$