unity free experts, middle ware requirements?

unity experts,

Does the use of unity free require the use of middleware or is it a part of the Hunity free package?

Crytek SC will include all other middleware that may be needed to utilize the engine:

Crytek includes the FMOD sound library and tools at no additional cost, as well as the Scaleform Gfx Library and tools.

Crytek does not include the following:

• Scaleform Video Middleware (which is used for video decoding and playback;

• Annosoft’s Lip-sync SDK (used for driving character’s mouth and jaw animation);

• GameSpy (online matchmaking service) - as these must be licensed directly from their respective companies, if required.

• The XTREME Toolkit Pro MFC class library must be acquired separately in order to rebuild the Sandbox Editor.

The MAX SDK must also be purchased from Autodesk in order to rebuild the CryExport plugin.

If there is middleware required to run unity free what is it? What does it cost? Can you please provide links?

Any help provided would be greatly appreciated.



You’re free to publish and monetize any game you make with Unity Free as is, provided you have the rights to all of the assets you include in your game. There is no middleware included in Unity3D’s free version that users are required to obtain licenses for individually.

This comment, obviously, includes only the components and features of Unity3D that come with the version you download from Unity’s website without additional stuff added. If you install 3rd party components from the Asset Store or elsewhere, you need to make sure you have the rights to use that.