Unity Free license for ios game distribution

Hello all, I am currently looking into using Unity Free (I have version 3.5) with the IOS exporter to develop a learning game for an academic project. The game will be free for users to download and use and there is no commercial purpose (it’s a Uni project and I don’t intend to sell it).

However in order for me to have it play-tested and evaluated by users I will have to put it on the Apple Store, so people can access it.
My question is whether I can use the free version for this purpose, as student budgets are quite limited so paying for a license of any kind (PRO or IOS) would be very difficult even with the student discounts. Is there any hidden costs that may come up along the way, apart from the $99 developer fee? Can I fully develop and freely distribute the game to users without a paid license?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

To publish to iOS you need the Unity iOS Add-on. For a few weeks in 2012 this was completely free, however the regular price is $400. Registered students can obtain educational copies of Unity from a re-seller called Studica in certain parts of the world, see studica.com. Am sure you can convince your professor that spending small amounts of money on Unity is a good investment. (And considerable cheaper than the price of the Mac, and the various iOS devices you’ll need in order to test the application.)