Unity Freezes on Null Reference error

Hey, I use Visual studio 2012 for programming (c#) unity code. I sometimes use monodevelop as a debugging tool, where I recently added Null Reference errors to the Exception list (in monodevelop Run->Exceptions) This works great when trying to break in the monodevelop debugger when you get a Null Reference error. After I was done with the debugger, I removed them from the exception list and closed monodevelop again. The problem is that unity will still freeze whenever I get a Null Reference error, regardless of the fact that Monodevelop isn’t opened, and the error isn’t listed on the exception list either.

Even after a reboot, Unity still freezes up everytime my game has a Null Reference Error, and I have to use the taskmanager to close it again. Re-adding it to the exception list (and linking monodevelop) however works fine. The problem is I do not want this all the time.

Has anyone else experienced this? if so, how do I solve this? Frankly I am getting quite annoyed by the fact that I have to terminate Unity in the task manager every time I get a null reference error.

Deleting the temp, obj and library folders actually fixed my problem. I kept getting crashes afterwards, not because of the same issue, but because of a totally unrelated other problem in my code (a never ending while loop). After I discovered this I can conclude that deleting the files generated by monodevelop and Unity fixed this annoying issue!