Unity freezes up completely without explanation

I have been having this strange issue. I had a slightly similar issue that was addressed in another question, and everything worked well for a couple days, but now this issue does not seem to be code related. Whenever one trigger collider collides with another trigger collider, Unity freezes entirely. I have commented out all code that referenced these two objects that are colliding. However, Unity still crashes.

I have also tried

  • Reinstalling Unity 4.6.2
  • Cleaning and Building my projects in Monodevelop
  • Disabling all scripts on the objects and referencing the objects


With the help of @meat5000, we have determined that this issue does not occur for everyone, therefore, it is most likely an issue with my Unity Client.

You are getting MissingComponentException trying to access the non-existent renderer of the camera.

These errors and NullRefs have be known alone to make Unity grind to a halt.

In conjunction with OnTriggerStay, a function to be avoided, this could be the problem.