Unity Game Development Essentials

In chapters 2 and 3 it is talking about the FPSWalker script! I DO NOT have this script as a component of the First Person Controller! Instead I have a Character Motor script! Does it have the same kind of function with the FPSWalker script? Thank you

In unity3 they did away with the old standardassets package (which was huge), now everything is split up into different packages. The one you’re after is called Character Controllers, and there is a new FPS controller in there. It’s actually a lot better than the FPSWalker script, but functionally it serves the same purpose- just know that all of the inspector variables may not be 100% the same. From what I remember about that book, it shouldn’t really matter though.

Yes it does a similar thing, just better - still worth going over that original script though for interests sake, the book is currently being updated for a second edition, though there isn’t anything major that should stop you using the current edition, but feel free to comment on this question and i’ll get back to you.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: