Unity game for android suffers a heavy frame rate loss, for about 5 seconds after launch of the game. How can I avoid it?

I was wondering if anyone can help me understand the problem I am facing in Unity. I am currently developing a very simple application in Unity 5 for android devices. Whenever I open the app in my smartphone, for the first 5 seconds, the frame rates is terrible, and any interaction I try to do suffers a heavy lag. The animations stutters and key interactions are sometimes completely ignored. But after 5 sec, everything starts working as they should. I have made 3 prototypes in Unity before and all had the same issue. But in earlier cases I could ignore it. This time, its simply impossible to get past it. Does anyone know why it is happening? And what can be done to avoid it?

I tried loading the level additively and asynchronously in the background. This worked like magic :slight_smile: