Unity game not playing in editor after changing build target

I cannot play the levels of my game after changing the build target of my project. Whenever I click play button unity gets stuck on “Application.EnterPlayMode” or “Application.Reload” and then I have to crash it through task manager.
Home menu, Shop menu and other menu scenes are playable, I am only facing this issue with the levels.
My computer is slow but when the build target of this game was “PC Windows Mac Linux”, It played perfectly. I am facing this issue since I switched the build target to “Android”.

I think some of my scripts still have PC controls… Like Input.GetMouseButtonDown() or Input.GetKeyDown,
Could that be a problem? None of the menu scripts have this, so perhaps thats why menus are still opening?
Thanks in advance.

If I’m not mistaken, PC controls don’t work on Android devices. You would actually get an error if you tried Input.GetKeyDown on an Android build so I guess try using touch screen controls for Android builds

This works for me, but might also be completely unrelated. Have you added the scenes to your build settings?