Unity Game Preview Lagging With DirectX 11

I’ve recently built a new PC and after trying to use Unity for the first time, I opened a project which worked perfectly on my old PC, but now on this new one the game preview stutters. I’ve got basically an empty scene with a capsule that moves when holding down a key. It used to move perfectly smooth but now it’s lagging the entire time.

I’ve noticed that when I start unity with the -force-opengl command line argument it works fine, but I can’t help feeling this is just sidestepping a larger problem and I’d rather sort out the actual problem itself instead of working around it. Could any of you help out with this? Thanks in advance!


Turns out it’s DirectX 11 causing the problem, I went into the Project Settings > Player Settings and switched from DX11 to DX9 and it works perfectly… I still have no idea why it’s not happy with DX11 though, so any help with that would be appreciated!

After weeks of struggling with this I found something that fixed my problem. After installing a completely different program called SyncToy by Microsoft, the DirectX 11 related lag went away. The reason I think this happened, is because I also installed the .NET 2.0 framework with it. Just install the framework here and it should fix it.

i have the same problem, any news abour reinstall unity?
i have directx 11 in win10

Figured I would throw in my two cents that this has also been a problem for me, on four different computers, on Windows 7 and Windows 10, from Unity 4.x to now Unity 5.5.

Not only do I get strange visual glitches, but also enormous amounts of lag. Only in the editor: running anything else under the sun, including standalone unity games, works great.

For a couple of years I figured it was something on my computer, then I upgraded computers… and then upgraded again… and installed on a second computer to check it again… no dice. All nVidia cards, three were laptops and one was not. Current problem is on windows 10 with a 1080 on latest drivers, so it’s no slouch.

I’m gonna get hated for saying this, but I’ve been experiencing the same lag so I’m switching to using OpenGL GLES 3.0 on all platforms, from android to mac to windows.