Unity Game preview lags on new laptop

I bought a new laptop (MSI GS60 Ghost pro) before which I was working on a project on my old PC. My old PC was a potato w.r.t my new laptop, yet my game worked at smooth ~80 FPS. I switched my project to my laptop, Unity 4.6. The editor itself is smooth enough, like placing and dragging objects and zoom and pan and stuff. But when I push the play button, the game preview lags like hell. FPS shown in the stats is around 50 FPS, YET THE GAME RUNS LIKE 10FPS or so. What is the problem?

1)Unity is running on DX11
2)My OS is Windows 10

I would recommend trying the profiler in Unity to see what is causing this frame drop. If that doesn’t work then try to troubleshoot Unity (like right click and troubleshoot) and if that also doesn’t work then maybe try reinstalling unity. For my friend, reinstalling worked when he had similar issues. Hope it helps