Unity Game Programming Resources


I am a student, and I am using Unity for a school project, but I have minimal programming skills. I've done the marble/racing/FPS tutorials that come with Unity, but I still feel I need more work on programming.

Can anyone reccommend any sites/books for learning game programming as it realtes to Unity?

Are there any more Unity tutorials besides the ones that come with Unity?



I'm learning programming myself but there's more tuts here;


also more here;


as for books, Unity uses C# and Java script and don't have good ideas for books about C# or Javascript because I most of the time google javascript

Hope it helps



Just a word about your username, Spastic...

I know there's an innocent reason for using it, but I thought I should warn you that, since Christmas 1981 the word "spastic" has been regarded as very offensive in the United Kingdom and nobody ever uses it now except for deliberate shock value.

(Note that I'm not offended myself - I know it's just the adjectival form of "spasm" - but there may be those who are. Then again, perhaps it's the Brits' own fault that we have this cultural oddity and we deserve everything we get!)

I am very sorry if it is offensive! I am not British and had no idea it had this connotation.

I study in a physiological/medically based field and was researching the syndrome "spastic colon", and just really liked the name. I'll see if I can change it.

OK, now you have me curious. What occurred Christmas 1981 that caused this word to become offensive?



Something to do with a show called Blue Peter, evidently.

Well, as Willem mentioned, there is a children's TV programme in the UK called Blue Peter (don't worry about the strange name for now). I believe it is the longest running children's series in the world and a cornerstone of British civilisation. However, Blue Peter's producers have a famous habit of taking a false step every now and again, causing uproar when they do.

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And I'm really sorry to say it, but the word "spac" was also used as a variant. as was "spaz" and there were one or two others (and don't call yourself Joey Deacon either). Personally, I would understand if you just paid no attention to this bizarre bit of British history, but I think there might be people on the forum who cringe when they see the word "spastic".

Wasn't Lurid about writing a unity book, maybe for v2 now? Although i have no idea if his book would have dealt more with unity or game development.

I do have no specific books in mind right now which deal with game development or programming but it might help browsing through amazon and reading some quotes on different books. As for Javascript i'm sure you can already find some ressources via google but it would be nice if for instance unity would either provide docs on this on it's own and/or include some links to good ressources.

i found the APress books quite good when i was learning .net / c# a while ago for quality of content and writing style. just browsing through Amazon tonight for something to read they still get good reviews. they should complement the code you find on here and UnifyWiki. Does anyone have suggestions on recent books on game design? and or asset creation?