Unity Game View Annoying Bug

So, Im making a simple 2d game and whenever I play and use the game view, it randomly turns grey! It doesn’t show anything, just a grey background. it also messes with the tabs. I try to with to the scene tab, but its seems to be frozen but other times it works. then I can switch back to the game view and it is back to normal. However most of the time it doesnt go back and I have to re open the project. Pressing play on and off doesn’t fix it, or even pausing it. I built the standalone and it seemed to work fine, so I assume its a Unity problem… any help?

Check the debug log to see if there are any exceptions (I make mine always visible in another panel).

If no exceptions are occurring, try to find a way to consistently reproduce so you can start eliminating components and game objects to find the root cause.

Failing that, try loading another project to see if maybe your installation is corrupted.