Unity Gamepad Input does not give smoothing

I control my 2D character using the Gravity and Sensivity values of the Input System, so I can get an acceleration an deceleration when i move it.

This works fine using the keyboard, but when I use a Gamepad, it doesn’t give any smoothing, it’s just the raw input value. I change the gravity and sensivity values of the second “Horizontal” input, which I think is for the gamepad, but nothing changes, it’s still moving without any smoothing.

Using the New Input System would fix this problem? Or is there any fix to not getting smoothing with a Gamepad? Should I give that acceleration and deceleration to the raw input value through code?

Hi I am new to Unity but have a look on .normalized as i remember you could “normalize” the vector to smooth the movement. Just have a look. Hopefully it helps.