Unity Games crash on startup

I didn’t know which section would be the best place to write about this, so I will try to look for help here.
Whenever I play a Unity game on Steam, It comes up with a screen and the Unity crash logger and then closes.

List of games that crash on startup:
INSIDE worked well year and a half ago, crash on startup giving me Windows error message
DUSK - the game freezes on the first frame and sounds are heard, after which the game crashes with an Unity error screen
Cypher - very "light" game, I see no reason why this game would not work. The situation is similar to dusk, but the game does not crash.
Blasphemous worked well 2 years ago as well, but now keep crashing at launch. Sometimes i get two different crash reports

I would not have paid attention to this if it was only one game, writing off everything on the fact that my laptop is too weak for these games, but when two games that I played before did not start, I began to look for solutions and so far unsuccessfully.

I want to add that not Unity games, at least the ones that I have installed, start and work, so I don't think that the problem is in the discrete video card.

What i tried to do so far to resolve this problem:
1) Downloaded Windows Updates
2) Deleted GPU drivers using DDU and downloaded newest version of drivers from NVIDIA site
3) Verified game files on Steam
4) Updated DirectX
5) Made sure that I have not installed Citrix Workspace on my laptop

7795281--984666--Blasphemous_crash_report.zip (22.7 KB)
7795281--984675--Dusk_crash_log.zip (3.81 KB)
7795281--984681--Blasphemous_crash_report2.rar (24.9 KB)

It seems that the graphics driver is crashing, but it's unclear why. It could be the games are using too much video memory for your computer to handle, or it also could something entirely else.

I noticed you run on an ancient OS version (which, I might add, we don't technically support). If I were you, I'd reformat your hard drive and install the latest version of Windows 10. It's possible it would fix the issues you're having, but it's not guaranteed.

I don’t think this might be the case. Like i said, i’ve already played some of these games much earlier on current machine and current OS and they worked fine. I want to add that i tried to run these games using the integrated video card through the nvidia panel and they work, despite the fact that Intel integrated gpu is much worse than NVIDIA’s one.

I’ve had Windows 10 installed, but due to some circumstances I had to go back to Windows 8.1 and in fact, I have no complaints about this OS, all these games also support Windows 8.1

I checked my computer with sfc /scannow command and it did not reveal any errors.

I have had the same problem suddenly occur at some point after starting to use Unity3D on the same machine. Could Unity3D or Visual Studio be interfering with the games made with Unity on Steam?

I also am having all unity games from STEAM crash on start up. Everything is fresh and up to date. Win 11 rad 6600xt 32g ram ryzen 5600x . Really annoying! Dont know what else to do

Do you have .dmp files to share?

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Me to I am trying to roll a game its getting instant crash either is Steam or non steam game I don't know what to do I tryed everything.

Win 10 pro Nvidia RTX 2060 6gb 16g ram.

I still have the same problem. Even changed win 10 for win 11 with fresh install for everything.
House flipper (Uninstalled all the mods because I though it was the prob but no change)
Phasmo and some other game too.

You'll have to share dump files of logs if you want us to look at it. We can't really know what's causing it without them.

Things crashing like that can be sign of a virus hijacking one of your dlls.

How would I go about getting my crash logs? My steam games that use unity crash really often and I’d like to find a solution to it


The directory where crash report has been generated is written at the end of the log file.

It won’t allow me to attach my .log file to a reply here

put it in a zip file.

This is from when I was playing Raft last and it crashed on me after a few minutes

8455130--1122059--New folder.zip (6.06 KB)

The crash is entirely within the Nvidia driver (nvwgf2umx), not in Unity. You're also running an almost 1 year old driver. I'd suggest updating it and seeing if it help.

Even after updating my drivers it happened again, here is the attached .log file

8459072–1122890–Player.zip (17.5 KB)

What driver did you update to? The log you just attached is saying your driver version is 472.47, which got released in 2021. The newest driver version for your graphics card is 516.94.

To help pitch in here are my crash files as seemingly out of the blue I am now running into this… It took me a bit to realize all these games are using unity… I can get reports from Green Hell as well

edit: I have tried this with the current and previous 2 drivers from nVidia.

edit 2: One of my GPUs appears to have been unstable. I am down to a single one right now (which in the hardware config was the second GPU originally) and my games in general have stabilized. Over 2 hours of testing, no more flickering screens and all games mentioned above run just fine.

8499512–1131611–UnityCrashDumps_RoR2_GunFire.zip (560 KB)

American Thefts simulator unity crashed how to fix8510030--1133861--IMG20221010121005_01.jpg 8510030--1133861--IMG20221010121005_01.jpg this issue?