Unity get component help

Ok I don’t know how to put the problem in the title, but here is the problem.
I have a main camera and it has two sunshaft scripts, and they have different colors, how would I disable to one which is at the bottom? Without disabling the top one!?
Please help I use javascript!

Ok so I’ll edit it here;
First off, thank you for the nice people who downvoted, you’re too kind, no really, too kind. Anyway I have a sunshaft script, and I have another sunshaft script, I tried to separate them by doing

var SunBloom : Component;

it wasn’t the best idea. Now I can enable one, but it also enables the other one, which is basically a conflict between them on who can actually be enabled, so I have no idea on how to use get components, and I need help. I get an error and that’s all I know.

I only want to disable one script not both, but one. And I want to enable one script, not both, but one!

Question solved according to comments, but no specific solution was given. [Adding this answer to remove it from the Unanswered list.]