Unity Giving Errors after adding "Private"

Why does Unity want a } at 8/9 and want EOF at 22/9? All I did was add “private” to the variable. Thanks as always.

var walls : GameObject;
var animationStopped : boolean = false;
var Mineshaft: AudioSource;
var Halt: AudioSource;

function Start () {

	private var aSources = GetComponents(AudioSource);
    Mineshaft = aSources[0];
    Halt = aSources[1];

	yield WaitForSeconds (animation["Elevator_Move"].length);

	animationStopped = true;

function Update () {

	if (animationStopped) {

You do not declare public or private for local variables.

Local variables only exist in the function they were declared in, and only for that frame. They cannot be seen or accessed by other functions.

There is absolutely no reason to mark a local variable as public/private, only Global variables :

public var globalVariable1 : float;
private var globalVariable2 : float;

function DoStuff()
    var localVariable : float;

function DoMoreStuff()
    var localVariable : float; // same name, no errors, local variables only exist in the function they were created in, and only for that frame