Unity Gllitching Everything?

Hello guys, recently I asked here if someone was getting strange bugs with mecanim: Mecanim random Bugs - Unity Answers, but no one responded…
and today, unity completely glitched on me. my project uses a lot of raycasting for
jumping, position, foot placement, etc. sometimes i was getting some weird bugs, but all i had to do was restart unity. but recently, after i just changed one animation at a blendtree on mecanim, my game went nuts. seriously, all the rays gets random values or no values at all, and some scripts simply stopped working, and the console says nothing! then, i changed back the animation to the exactly same settings as before, and the glitch countinued. even if I restart unity, it still glitches… i havent changed any scripts, any objects in the scene, nothing. just one animation at one blend tree, and the physics glitched out.
Someone else had this? my project broke? can it be my computer?

Edit: forgot to mention, the framerate goes nut too, before the bug, the stats window always showed 70-80 fps, now it goes from 200 to 500 at complete random lol

Another Edit: Oh god, it solved the problem, i have no idea how, after re-entering unity for the 500th time, everything was fine. WTF. I haven’t changed nothing, really, it solved itselft. well, i know the problem is solved, but please, can someone awser me if its normal for unity to glitch like this? as i said on my other question, mecanim ALWAYS glitches on me, after any change i make, i have to save and re-enter unity, because everything glitches. but this time it was the supreme glitch, lol. but it solved itself now…
well, sorry for the long post, but i hope someone can help me… because i’m sure its gonna happen again.

Best bet is usually to just create a new project if this happens, as it’s just your project glitching out.