unity google cardboard 1.110.0 head tracking not working on android 4.4

I have problem with demo scene GVRDemo from sdk GoogleVRForUnity_1.110.0.unitypackage. when i compiled it and install to lenovo A6000 with android 4.4 i can see stereoscopic view but it is not reflecting phone movements. I try also some earlier version of sdk and the same. during the build there are no errors or warnings. i try some solutions from forums like switch on gyroscope but no success.all are also for earlier sdk and it changed a lot. Interesting is that according to phone position on aplication start the view is in correct state, i see what i should. but then it freeze and not move. i’m using the latest unity 2017.2.0f3 personal. please help, thanks

,I have exactly the same problem …