Unity got Lag/Delay when change scene, How do I Fix it?

Hi guys, I have a lot of .png in my project, and I made it as an Animation sprites. I have 7 scenes and all of it have a animation sprites When I build it to windows version the project got delay when change scene on to another. I need solution! I had a .mov too to replace all of the sprites animation, but I don’t know how to use it. Alhamdulillah. Regards. Ikhsan Syahputra.

Try experimenting loading scene while the player is reaching end of that scene and showing it when he finishes the level.

I use this mostly in loading screens, but can be used other ways if you do not have resource issues like ram and cpu.

Thanks for the answer @Maritto7 @haruna9x @RobAnthem . I have tried using my own method… but you guys are making my knowledge improve. My own method is when I wanted to build to the windows version, I’m changing the version to x86 and change the compression method to LZ4HC, it reduces the size of the app/.exe and it reduces the loading.