Unity graphic looks more Ugly than Unreal engine ?

Hey there !

A few days ago i played an great and funny old 3D game from 2005. Because the effects are very bad and also the graphics are awefull, i decided to remake this game in an modern engine. So i started up unity and made an FPS camera with some basic animations and an “Playground” Scene with some basic white cubes and stuff like that. I used some high detailed Modern Weapons from the asset store for my FPS cam and some standard FPS hands and arms. But soon i noticed that the graphics in total are looking way more ugly than in unreal engine. They arent looking more pixelated or washed… they are just more dark and not so “Colerfull” no reflections and stuff like that. I also important an speedtree and placed it in my Scene… The tree doesnt look so nice and the shadows arent very smooth too… and i already changed alot in the settings. So im currently thinking about switching to Unreal because it gives me the felling that its more colerfull and just more beautifull than unity…

Is there anyway to make unity graphics look more like unreal engine ?

Unity and Unreal engine are tools; you need to learn how to use them. If making a AAA game were as simple as chucking some assets into a scene and tweaking some settings, developers like rockstar wouldn’t spend millions of £s employing hundreds of very talented people for several years to make the next GTA…

Fortunately, it’s never too late to learn. I recommend you start here: Learn Game Development Without Coding Experience | Unity

Unity has every capability of rendering any type of hi def a video card will support to date. it support’s map based light Responce for proficiency. it also supports baked or active lighting, anytype of shadows. it supports spot lighting and directional lighting. it supports proficency techniquies for mip maping and anifisto levels fog and whatever else you could think of. if you are unhappy with the dozens of shaders that unity gives you by default you are welcom to write your own script to define how faces and verticies react down to the pixel. or grab shader scripts from places like this. Unity is sopprted by Sony and also exports for the playstation. so if you are wondering weather unity is capable of graphics that are not Ugly, next time you get a chance look at the graphics on a new PS4 game. I would recommend reposting this question with screenshots of what your game is lacking and there are people here that have spent years studieng such things that can point you in a direction to get the look you are looking for. I highly dought it is something that unreal is doing that unity cannot.