Unity Graphics Quality and Key Selecter interface terrible?

Is there any way to change the little screen that pops up when you export unity to a pc standalone at the beginning which allows you to edit graphics and key settings? because for all the amazingness unity has and my game has the screen does not seem as impressive and I believe us game makers should have a choice to style it or create our own.

You can’t change it, but you can make it not appear:

File->Build Settings->Player Settings->Resolution->Display Resolution Dialog

Set to “Disabled”. Then your game will start with whatever height and width you set in the boxes just above that. If you want the player to be able to change the resolution to anything else, you have to implement that manually.

Christian is right. The only thing that can be customized on the default Dialog is the banner image. The other option is disabling it.
You would then have to implement “Graphical settings” in your game by your own.

You can change the resolution with Screen.SetResolution(width, height, fullscreen, refreshRate)

For the more precise Graphics settings you would have to use the class QualitySettings

Look here , here and here for the Resolution Settings,

and here for the precise Quality Settings!

Greetings, remoteplayfreak!