Unity->Blender modelling incorporation

Hi all,

I’m doing some modelling in Blender and I was wondering about WEAPONS!

I’ve seen in the Angry Bots sample project that the model for the character (Scuba Dude) has his weapon, its muzzle flash, and its laser sight located above the character’s shoulder rather than equipped in his hands? Do I do this? Where abouts do I put it? How can I animate it so it’s connected in-game? Why does it have to be there? Also, if I have multiple weapons do I need to make different models for each weapon? i.e. character with sword above shoulder, than another character model with pistol above shoulder etc.?


You need different weapon models of course, but should not need different characters. Unless the entire character becomes a weapon, like a werewolf transformation or something.

At runtime, you use transform.parent to parent the weapon to the model, probably to his hand or something. If it’s holstered, reparent it to the holster.