Unity Gui for diferent screen sizes question

First, sorry for bad english.

I just finished the core and some levels of my first 2.5 game this week, and I just learned everything about unity GUI. I have a question about it :

What is the best way to make a gui with text, for different screen sizes ? In my scene I want to make a “button”, this button simply make a box appear, with some text. First I was thinking of making this text and the other buttons in the box with flat images, a plane and some itween script. But it is, I think, an unneccesary use for the vram.

Is there is some way to make this CENTER, RIGH SIZED, and nice in the unity GUI?

I apreciate all the help :slight_smile:

You can use a percentage of Screen.width and height. And when you use GUILayout, don’t forget that elements can expand. The fontSize must bu modified though.