unity has destroyed the my keyboard

I downloaded unity to play waking the dead and its destoyed the logic of my keyboard, L produces 3 o a 6 and a p a* Im im in the UK and using the English layout of the keyboard Ive tried to uninstlall unity and reboot but no luck

My computer is useless now

Any ideas guys?


Actually you have pressed number lock which turns some of your keys on the right hand side of the keyboard into a number pad. Find the button and press it to disable this. I should stress that is due to a key press and nothing to do with Unity at all.

I am pretty sure that the Unity webplayer has not destroyed the logic of your keyboard. In fact, I am pretty sure that any program can not do that easily, unless it intentionally meddles with your keyboard's driver software or something similar to that.

If you are using Windows, you can use System Restore to restore a previously backed-up copy of your system. which might eliminate the problem. (backups are created either manually or when new updates are installed)

If you are using a Mac, then Google it. ;)

Worst case scenario: if it is within warranty, exchange your keyboard for a new one. If not, get a new keyboard.