Unity help me?!!

Unity people, i live in California i am 15 i really want to get into game development. but no where around here can teach me at this age i am a sophmore in high school, i have alot of potential and i need someone to help me for like an online tutor, that would be willing or if unity could make a school for minors to go and get introduced to game development, that would be fantastic! so please help and let me know thank you!

Well, when ever you need help just post it up here - anyone will try their best to help you. I was in the same position as you a few months ago, and I jumped straight into a sophisticated first person shooter - this was a mistake.

What you want to do is start basic (I know its slightly boring, but when you create a complete simple game, it feels great!) So just come up with an idea and see how it could be done.

There are LOAD of video tutorials on youtube on Unity - a lot of them repeat the same topic but its worth watching them. Also the Unity website has tutorials too in which you can follow.

If you need a helping hand in anything you can find my email on my profile.

A great book for starters is Will Goldstone's "Unity Game Development Essentials". Like the title says, it introduces game development in Unity and some basic scripting. When I started learning Unity, it was a great help. I even occasionally refer to it for help today.

"Unity Game Development Essentials" on Amazon