unity horizontal and vertical axis based on gyro?

Hey. i want to do a tilting platform thing using the gyroscope of my phone. at the moment it looks like this using WASD keys:

what i want to do now is that the platform gets tilted (horizontal and vertical input)based on how you tilt your ipad or phone.
the code looks like this at the moment:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class TiltPlatform : MonoBehaviour {
	public bool smoothMotion = true;
	//This is how quickly we MoveTowards the input axis.
	public float smoothSpeed = 1f;
	//The maximum we want our input axis to reach. Setting this lower will rotate the platform less, and higher will be more.
	public float multiplier = 0.1f;
	//Variables, don't edit these.
	private float hSmooth = 0f;
	private float vSmooth = 0f;
	private float h;
	private float v;
	void Update () {
		//Get Vertical and Horizontal axis from Input
		h = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal")*multiplier;
		v = Input.GetAxis("Vertical")*multiplier;
	void FixedUpdate() {
		hSmooth = Mathf.MoveTowards(hSmooth,h,smoothSpeed* Time.deltaTime);
		vSmooth = Mathf.MoveTowards(vSmooth,v,smoothSpeed * Time.deltaTime);
		//Rotate to match the new axis using EulerAngles.
			transform.rotation = Quaternion.EulerAngles(new Vector3(h,0f,v));
			transform.rotation = Quaternion.EulerAngles(new Vector3(hSmooth,0f,vSmooth));

Ok, and what’s the problem you’re facing? Unity comes with a tilt control as part of the UnityStandardAssets.CrossPlatformInput - just drop it into your project.

i put this on my game but is to slow . how i can incrase sensivity?