unity Hub 3.0.0 and Installation 2021.1.17f


I’m currently experiencing problems with unity.
Since version 2021.1.17f whenever i install a unity version using the new hub I get an error message saying the following:
Failed to delete old Unity Android Support installation filles. Maybe Unity or some of its tools are still running?

I can confirm that the unity hub is the programm using the Android Support installation that is prohibiting it from deleting the files.

after ignoring the error and looking at the Installation in Downloads it tells me everything installed normally.

Opening a Projekt the preferences look like this:

Building like this gives me an error as expected.
after installing OpenJDK with the filles unity was unable to delete and pointing it at the new installation it tells me im not using the recommended version but whatever.
Trying to build again gives me this error
After using android studio to install a new SDK and pointing unity there it works and i can build APKs again.
This error occourd on both my Tower PC as well as my laptop on version 2021.1.17f which leads me to think it has something to do with that as i also tried switching back to the old launcher and reinstalling the launcher as well as restarting my PC.

I would add more pictures but the Website wouldn’t let me :smiley: