Unity HUB not working in multi user environment, windows Server remote desktop

In multi user environment the Hub not works as in single user environment.
If one user logged in, the second user cannot log in to Unity Account in Unity HUB because the login window will be blank.
If each user logged in, only the first user can acces Collaborate, the second logged in user will get an error message, what says he/she must install Unity HUB, but it is already installed, and running.

Steps to reproduce:
Install Unity HUB with User1 and log in to the Unity Account.
Download Unity 2021.3.1f1.
Create another Windows user account, and switch to other account (don't log out from first account).
Open Unity Hub, and try to login to Unity account. The login window will be empty.
Restart the machine, log in only with User2, open Unity HUB and log in to Unity Account, it will work now. Installs will be empty, but with Locate you can add the previously installed editor.
Open a project in Unity.
Switch to User1 (don't log out from User2 account).
Open Unity HUB and open a different project than User2.
Try to upload/download Collab. It will say to Sign in to access Collaborate.
Click Sign in... button, and a message will pop up what says You must install Unity Hub to sign in and use Unity services.

Tested with Windows Server 2016 Standard, use Remote Desktop Service
Unity Hub 3.1.2
Unity Editor 2021.3.1f1
Free and Pro accounts

Hi, I can confirm nicon's post. This is very annoying