Unity HUB - prevent update


I want to run UnityHUB (not really) and every time auto-update is coming up.
What is the switch to disable auto-update on every start?

Thank you.


Updating Unity Hub being based on restarting the application (or just starting it for that matter), the only way would be to keep it open and never shut down your computer.

Well, I think the next other option to prevent the "auto update" would be blocking update-server company wide.
So may it be then.

The HUB is just the worst for any company - besides unity.

@Eneco ,

We don't currently allow the auto-update to be disabled. We usually update on a regular basis and only support the latest version. If you have concerns about the Hub auto-update don't hesitate to be more specific.


Maybe for issue like this one ? https://discussions.unity.com/t/767592

Actually, i can't open Unity3D at all on last version because of Unity Hub going crazy for whatever reason.
I just seen that i don't have any bug if i'm at my office, with my multiple monitors. Don't know if it's related to network or to some monitors things, but how do i work ?

Disabling auto-update would prevent Unity bugs if any on specific environment. At least, if would be nice to "Ask" if we want to update or not, and Postpone if we can.


I'm totally agree with this.

Stop with the auto upgrade process (or maybe activate it when it's an important update like some app does when the backend can't support anymore old version of an app).

Or at least give us the ability to downgrade as we can do with the unity editor and the archives.

I think your last experience with the Unity 2.2.X release and all the troubles must make you think to this possibility


I am also having a terrible experience with UnityHub 2.2.X on Linux. I am completely unable to download the 2018.4.0f1 release of Unity Editor (I have tried the command line options). I am limited to the releases that the Hub displays for download.

I was able to download the 2018.4.0f1 release previously. However, now, due to the force updates I am unable.

Are you sure Unity is compatible with the Linux distribution you are using?

Please ignore my previous post.
At some point in the past I moved Unity Hub onto a larger drive, it appears to have 'updated' itself to the C: drive but my short-cut was still referring to the moved version.

Unity 3.5 is broken in many ways on mac m1 Monterey.

Many times its does not want to open a project or it will not install a new unity version.

If I run an older version its good until I restart my computer or the hub, then I install again the old version to keep everything running smoothly. Slightly annoying but it is what it is.

I've found a way to revert Unity Hub 3.6.0 to 3.5.2 without the Plastic SCM integration and to stop auto-updates.

Unity, please give options to turn off unwanted hub features.
You really won't sell Plastic SCM to me since I'm already in love with Git.



Thank you!

I work on a secure network and have to constantly configure things to use a certificate bundle to avoid self-signed certificate errors. The latest release does not let me log in despite having everything configured the exact same way (Getting self-signed certificate errors in the Unity Hub logs despite everything being configured the exact same way). I frequently have to uninstall the latest hub and re-install a version that I know will actually let me log in and open a project.

We're already looking into Unreal Engine to replace Unity because I'm tired of dealing with this garbage.

Thank you for posting this workaround.