Unity hub problems

Since 2 days i’m having major problems opening projects from unity hub.
When i open HUB to open a project all it does is show me the spash screen of the unity editor and than opens HUB again, i can do this endlessly without getting any results.

Yesterday i’ve uninstalled every editor version and removed HUB to try again but the problem did not dissapear.

I seem to be able to open projects itself through explorer by clicking on a scene but this brings problems as i have no control over what Editor version it is using. I would like to add that Unity also does not want to load my pro licence anymore, it shows up as activated inside HUB but not inside UnityEditor for some reason. These things might be related i’m not sure.

Anyone had this problem before or has any pointers to what i can try? any place unity hub stores hidden files?

Any help would be appreciated.

It seems the unity team couldn’t fix this problem.
This problem is the commonly problem for everybody.

Have you found an answer for this? I’m so frustrated at the moment and all I want to do is finish up my project.

Havn’t been following this topic as it was dead for a while.

I have solved my issue. Apparently it had something to do with having multiple networks.

Steps i’ve taken:

  1. Disable any unnececary network
    adapters (just keep only inet)
  2. Delete all pro activations from
  3. delete .ULF from (windows:
    C:ProgramData/Unity | mac:
    Library/Application Support/Unity)
  4. Restart Machine
  5. check if all adapters still disabled
  6. Launch Unity Hub as administartor
    (on windows)
  7. Reactivate your licence (using your
    pro key inside unity HUB)
  8. Reactivate network drives (if

Hope this helps for anyone googling for a solution.