unity hub stuck on license management screen


I started Unity Hub up for the first time and had to give it an activation serial number. I did that and got the little blue check mark next to it but after pressing the Next button, nothing happens. It just stays on that screen.

I’ve quit and tried several times. The serial # is valid.
FYI: On a Mac.


I use Unity personal. I downloaded the beta ages ago, am currently signed in and using 2017.3 but the HUB still refuses to let me in due a licensing error ??? Can’t get past the hub, can’t get the latest Unity that way… back to the old way I guess…

If you have a good WiFi connection, it should be instantaneous. If you don’t have good internet, just wait a couple minutes. If nothing still happens, try re-entering your number, rebooting, or checking with your software settings. That is, if that’s possible…