Unity Hub taking up 4GB ram. WHY?

Why does Unity Hub need 4 GB of ram? I’m not even opening any project. This is very silly. For some reason task manager list Unity Hub processes using ~250MB RAM, however, the moment I start / close the program, performance monitor shows a huge 4GB spike in memory usage!

I tested this, I see it spike to 800MB when I launch it. But never more than 1 GB. I’m on Hub 3.5.2 in “light mode” (maybe dark mode takes more memory).

I only have 19 projects set up in the hub currently - and I know that when you launch it, it reviews each project to inspect the required Editor version etc. and see if it can be loaded, as well as if the network location is accessible. How may projects do you have?

Also, I have only 5 Editors installed, if you have many more, maybe that’s a factor?

7 projects, 3 editors. The 4GB is used when unity hub 3.5.2 is opened and released when it is closed.

Analyzing the memory use reveals 4GB is added to paged pool by MmSt tag. This is windows memory manager. The cause might be unity hub accessing many many files simultaneusly. Perhaps it would be possible to reduce memory use by tweaking some registry value or for unity hub to access files without buffering, but it may cause other issues. The number and size of projects and editor installs will probably affect the amount of memory used if that is the case.