Unity Hub will not open projects,Unity Hub will not open project


Today I was trying to create a new project in unity hub with version 2020.3.32f1. However, when it finished, it said it would not open and to check the logs. I opened the JSON using notepad, which didn’t help since it was essentially incoherent gibbirish to me. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the version, but to no avail. Any ideas?,Hi,
Today I was trying to create a new unity project and it would not open. It told me to check the logs, and I opened the JSON file in notepad which didn’t help me at all since it was basically incoherent technobabble to me. My friend suggested uninstalling the 2020 install which I created the project on and reinstalling it. I tried it, and it still wouldn’t open. Any suggestions?

Have you ever found out whats the awnser to this? I have the same problem

Anyone else know what to do about this?