Unity hub won't download/install unity 2019 (or any other versions)

I’ve tried like hundred times now, everything from restarting my computer to reinstall unity hub, but nothing works. :confused:

I actually had trouble myself installing unity the other day. Not sure if we ran into the same problem/error but here is how I fixed mine. When ever you install unity and it asks you which modules to install, DO NOT install the Visual Studio one. Install it after you get unity installed (or mono develop). When ever I clicked on the Visual Studio one to download, the unity install would not finish and just install forever, unless it was just taking a long time, but who got time for dat.

Anyways, hope this helps.

  • SpceBoi

Maybe your computer is low on disk space? Otherwise you can download it and install it manually Unity 2019.1.4 .

I have the same issue,

any ideas?
I have at least 35Gb free space
I can download directly from the website - but it doesn’t seem to include the jdk ndk and sdk modules needed to do an android build.
The only way of adding those modules is through unity hub.
Unless I’m missing something?

problem fixed here : Installation Failed something went wrong installing unity hub - YouTube

You need uninstall previous versions in control panel!