Unity Hub won't open existing project.

Every time I try to open an existing project the Unity splash screen pops out for a few seconds and the the hub just reopens and says something like ‘Failed to write license file’. It won’t open the project. I am only able to open projects via the File Explorer by double-clicking a scene file… This way it always tries to open a project with the last used Unity version. I have different projects that are using different Unity versions therefore this is not a good solution for me. I can’t find a way to fix this and it’s super annoying. Can anybody help?

I have the same issue.
It is related to (Personal)license. Whether what license used, it might be occur.
It is unity bugs i think.

Very annoying solution

  1. Quit all unity-hub(+ background)

  2. reopen and reactivate license.

  3. It’s ok

After some task I did, and reopen other project or create new project, these bug happen everytime.