Unity IAP amazon subscriptions

Hi guys,

I am trying to setup subscriptions(setup: one to many) in our game for multiple platforms.
However for Amazon, the model for subscription consist of item ID as well as subscriptionParent ID.
While adding the Product Definition in biller I dont see anywhere where I can add the parent ID for the product.

And I am using WriteSandboxJSON command for amazon at the time of initialize.

Q1- Is there a way I can add parent ID in product?
else the file generated says parent ID as “does.not.exist”.

I also tried not to add WriteSandboxJSON command and download sdktester from the dashboard.
So parent ID cam proper.

Q2. How do app know if sandbox is enabled for amazon?
Would it be OK? when the app goes live.
Considering a scenario where I have that sdktester in my root sd card and I download app from Amazon store. would ID will come proper or like sandbox?

Q3. For Amazon if a purchase for Subscription is pending, it is not showing up next time I initialize UnityIAP.
Is this natural? Also how am I suppose to use “NotifyUnableToFulfillUnavailableProduct”?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Deepesh,

Amazon’s app store uses a parent-child model for subscription products that is unlike other app stores. Working with this model in Unity IAP does require a slightly different structure for your products. The best way to handle it is to add both the parent and the child skus as products in your app.

Once you have added both the parent and child skus as products, you should see that restoration attaches the receipt to the parent product. Purchases can be initiated with either the parent or child product (the store’s purchase UI will allow the user to choose which child sku to purchase). Product metadata like description and price are attached to the child sku.

So, to answer your questions:

Q1 — Unity IAP does not have a way to directly specify the parent-child relationship between products. You should add both skus as products. Your app is responsible for understanding the relationship and determining when to use the child product (accessing metadata like price or description) and when to use the parent product (checking for a restored receipt).

Q2 — Your app will try to connect to Amazon’s App Tester only if it is side-loaded on the device. If you install the app through the app store or through Amazon’s live app testing service then it will not connect to the App Tester app. It is a good idea to test your app through Amazon’s Live App Testing service if you can. IAP Testing Overview | In-App Purchasing

Q3 — You should see the pending subscription the next time you initialize Unity IAP. Try adding both the parent and child skus as products, and see if perhaps the parent sku is is sent in this case. If this does not solve the problem, you can contact support and we will be happy to try to help you out.


—Nathan Forget,
Lead Developer,
Unity IAP