Unity IAP Problem with Prices


We have a problem with pricing.

foreach (var product in m_StoreController.products.all)
            inAppPriceTexts*.text = product.metadata.localizedPriceString.ToString();*

We get prices like this when OnInitialized event called, but problem is when update an item’s price on developer console we get the updated value from google purchasing without a problem but above code still gets older value.
So, basically when I set an item value to X first and then to Y, this code still gets the old value,but If I click ‘Buy Now’ and google purchasing tab shows the new value.

Just in case anyone still looking for this issue. I refer to this thread https://forum.unity.com/threads/iap-price.590923/#post-3946333

I confirmed that the price got refreshed after few hours in my case, in internal testing. My app has not gone to production, hence I am not able to tell if the delay is also found in the production release.