Unity IAP products not possible for IOS when using Windows 10

Hello, I have been developing for two months now and I am already working on a game on unity. I am now almost on level design but one thing that I want to add to my game is IAP products. But you see, the game is built for IOS - and that means I have to do the IAP system for IOS. But the thing is, there is no way to do that. All the tutorials that say “It works for IOS” it’s always going to be using iTunes Connect which doesn’t even work for Windows 10! And others like where you have to code a lot and use some plugin, IT DOESN’T EVEN let you set up the placement for where the money goes once it is purchased. And all the others that does allow you to set a placement, IT’S FOR DAMN GOOGLE PLAY! And google play only works for Android. It’s a shame because most of my friends and family has IOS and they won’t be able to play it. if anyone can help me with this, can you send me a link to something I should watch so then I can do what I want to do or give me a step by step? Thanks.

Ok thanks bro. That is kinda ridiculous to be fair though. Well, at least I know now!