Unity ignoring Monodevelop script

I just downloaded Unity for Mac. I want to add a script to a cube to make it move. I right click in the project window, use the drop down to select create new script (C#), and name my script “Move.” I double-click to bring up Monodevelop.

I type my code and hit save. When I go drag the script to the cube to apply it Unity says the script doesn’t exist. What do you mean it doesn’t exist, it’s right there!

Can someone explain how to fix this problem? It happens whenever I try to write a script.

When you apply the script, do you see it in the inspector? Are the values/variables showing?
Also, does your object have the right components (IE: if it’s a collider and must move, I assume you would need a rigidbody and so on). We need a little bit more information from you.

I am also experiencing same problem periodically.
The thing is, even if I try to attach any other script to any GameObject, it pops-up same message.
Those scripts are the ones that worked perfectly until this point (the point when I create new script, double check syntax errors, save it, and drag-drop onto any GameObject).
OK, lets try with . Wow, there is no ‘Scripts’ component in drop-down menu!

There is script error in Console, saying there is no function that one of the scripts is ‘trying’ to .SendMessage(“…”);
So I did comment-out this line of code (resulting in Console error), and THE Unity3D is working OK now.
So this was the error.
Hopefully this will help someone in the future…

Best regards,

S love nia